The car can only be driven by the holder of the reservation and the contract. To add another driver just add the extra additional driver to your rental.
- If possible park the car; - Remove the ignition key; - In these circumstances who make the sign placement (tiângulo) must use the retro-reflector vest (available in the glove compartment) of the vehicle. - Immediately contact the travel assistance number in the vehicle documents folder and then the Way2Azores
-You should always fill out the Friendly Car Accident Statement (DAAA) as fully as possible and call the authorities. -You must report to Way2Azores as soon as possible and deliver all the documentation related to the incident (DAAA and Auto of Occurrence) to the Station.

Alterações / Cancelamentos

Fares can be canceled if they include the cancellation fee, or if the cancellation fee is purchased in the extras and included in the reservation. The "BASIC" and "MEDIUM" packages are non-refundable for changes or cancellations. "PREMIUM" packages have included a refund fee. Cancellations must be requested up to 72 hours before the reservation date, by sending a request to the email, and this way, you will be refunded the amount paid minus Bank charges and less the cancellation fee of €4,98 + VAT .

Reservations / Quotation Requests

-Just we make confirmations in relation to the vehicle category. The way2azores only guarantees the category reserved and not the model.
-No. All vehicle segments have unlimited kilometers.
-way2azores offers a Delivery and Collection Service, through which you will no longer have to go to one of our Stations to pick up or deliver your rental car, which can be delivered and collected in a place of your choice. This service may have a cost and you have requested through our Central Reservation (requires confirmation).
-The mandatory minimum age is 18 years, and for all drivers between the ages of 18 and 23 a Young Driver's Supplement may be applied in some cases in order to drive the car.
- VAT (at the rate in force) - Circulation supplement - Civil liability insurance - CDW insurance (with franchise liability) 1 - robbery protection 2 - Assistance 24h 2 - Unlimited kilometers 1 Variable deductible per segment 2 Except for the Low Cost weekend promotion
All vehicles presented are available, except for special vehicles that require confirmation from the commercial department. If the vehicle of choice is not available, an upgrade will be done in the car, and given a class of vehicle higher than booked. If your reservation goes into overbooking you will be informed in advance.
You can book additional extras online, through the Reservation Center or directly at the moment of picking up the vehicle (upon availability).
-You will receive a confirmation email from way2azores, containing the details of your reservation.
The credit card on basic insurance or medium insurance choice is required for the completion of the rental, they must present the credit card in the driver's name, to leave the franchise of the vehicle when the delivery is made the same. If you choose premium insurance you do not need a credit card. Premium insurance reduces the deductible to 0 euros, so it is not necessary to leave a deposit.


When you hire a car, you usually have a deductible, which is the amount for which the customer is liable in case of accidental damage to the vehicle. The franchise is a common practice with all car rental companies.
- You can check the values by making a reservation simulation, the deductibles vary according to the segment of the vehicle and the optional insurance contracted.
In the price of car rental is included CDW (own damage partial coverage insurance), TP (robbery insurance), the customer can add greater protection to the car rental if they add the proposed insurance on the extras page.

Payments / Deposits

- Parking fines and any violation of the road code are the responsibility of the hirer, who must pay them before returning the vehicle. - Fines received by way2azores after the terminus of the lease the contract holder is identified with the competent authorities.

Car Pick Up

-Yes, at the time of delivery a thorough verification of the vehicle is carried out by the driver together with an employee in order to update the data contained in the rental agreement regarding the state of the vehicle. -This procedure is repeated in the drop off of the car.
-Driving license, issued for more than one year and valid in the EC -Identification document, passport, identity card / citizen's card;

Drop Off

The rental is covered by the "Full to Full" policy, which means that the vehicle must be returned by the customer with the same amount of fuel as it was delivered to him. It is the customer's responsibility to replace the used fuel.
-The vehicle must be returned until the time established in the contract (with a tolerance of 30m). After this period is charged 1 extra day. Can you extend the rental of your vehicle at any time provided in advance inform the commercial department. -The extension is only made if there is availability of the vehicle.
-If you did not activate the extra (pickup / Delivery at another point) an extra value may be applied, relative to the cost of the Return Rate to the place of origin.
-If you need to contact us regarding any object left inside our vehicles, please contact our Central Reservation. -A way2azores does not accept any responsibility for objects left in the vehicle at the end of the rental.
-You should contact or go to the nearest rental station. -The extension is subject to the availability of the vehicle and additional payment.